Aspiration Statement

As a volunteer in the Peace Corps, my mission will be to make a sustainable impact on the lives of others while serving as an exceptional representative of American volunteers on a global standpoint.  I have leadership abilities stemming from experience with youth development and public education that have prepared me to meet my utmost potential and achieve success.  I am proficiently equipped with knowledge and hands-on involvement of effectively implementing lesson plans to improve youth academic, social and behavioral development as well as instilling confidence.  I am both ready and willing to commit myself to improving these fields in areas of other nations that need guidance and a helping hand.  Experiencing the impact that my services have had on enhancing the lives of others is unbelievably fulfilling and only motivates me to further devote my time and skills to a life of service.

I also embody humility, ambition and tenacity, which are crucial qualities in order to adequately represent Americans serving as global citizens.  In addition to enriching the lives of others, my mission is to exceed expectations of the United States in the eyes of other nations.  I understand that to do so means cultivating friendships with people around me, including both fellow volunteers and peoples of the nation we serve.  I am adaptable and intend to wholeheartedly commit myself to the culture of the community in which I am serving.  To me, commitment to culture goes beyond tolerance to the point of immersion.  In order to fully commit myself to service, I pledge to remain culturally sensitive and respect the beliefs, behaviors, and values of those around me.

Physical, mental and intellectual challenges are expected when accomplishing anything worthwhile.  I am currently training to run a marathon and go kickboxing six days a week, which puts me in prime physical condition as far as stamina and endurance.  My physical conditioning has a direct effect on my mental acuteness and intellectual capabilities.  I am not naïve and understand there will be moments of both mental and physical exhaustion.  However, I have envisioned myself in the Peace Corps since I returned from my first independent travel to the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia, at 16 years old.  This has been a dream of mine for a very long time.  My dedication to serve others and my willingness to immerse myself in foreign cultures will give me the strength I need to overcome any and all obstacles.

I have an unrelenting passion to share my knowledge and experiences with the world.  I hope to create opportunities for others that they might not have otherwise been given such as English communication skills acquisition as well as life and leadership development.  I believe that my purpose is to inspire others and hope to do so as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer.